About Me

A world of a minimalistic single mother, a special educational needs practitioner and a woman of thirty something years old.

Life they say is, “how you make it!”

So here I am joggling it my way and stylishly one day at a time. With that said, this is a platform to connect with like-minded people, share and to be inspired. Aside sharing outfit posts, you may also find lifestyle related articles, motivational articles and entertainment.

This blog might not meet your expectations or I might not be the greatest writer or greatest blogger -but one thing is guaranteed, that we can inspire or learn from each other. So yeah hope this is enough to convince you that I’m a human being and we can connect/collaborate.

Please feel free to hit me up for collaborations, add me to your circle or just say Hi. I’ll always reply to your enquiries.

Oh! -And the name is Missy.

Contact: missymayification.blog@gmail.com

Thank you & DANKE!!