The dancing house If I was a billionaire, travelling will be on the top of my hobbies. There’s nothing satisfying, freeing, fun and educating as travelling. I just love getting lost (even though it can be frustrating sometimes) in another country; – The people, the food, culture and everything one can think of. Prague (Czech Republic) is officially one of my favourite cities in the world. Something about the city reminds me of the streets of Rome. I was reminded of the corners, the unique boutiques, restaurants and atmosphere of Rome. Prague is definitely worth visiting, but I’ll touch on that in another post.

If there’s something I can’t resist, it is a good red dress. One of my weakness right there! This red dress was a love at first sight. I love how airy and light it is. It was perfect for the scorching sun in Prague. It is soldout, but I’m eyeing this red dobby mesh skater dress here next.

It was great to read your responses on my last post. Glad I’m not the only oversized shirt lover. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Fashion-wise, is there something you can’t resist? Do you find yourself buying something over and over again?
red dress

Thanks much for your visits and meaningful comments.

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Much Love!

Missy May

Missy May

A special educational need's practitioner and a single mother who believes one can look stylish without breaking the bank.

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  1. That dress is adorable on you, Missy! I find paisleys hard to resist, especially in blues, greens, and purples. And what a funky looking building!


    1. Thanks much, Michelle! You and me both! Right? Its called the dancing house.

  2. Red suits you so well on your dark skin!! I love it!!
    Prague is an amazing city: I wouldn’t mind coming back again 🙂

    Eli | Curly Style

    1. Thanks much, Eli! I couldn’t agree more.
      Wonderful! I’m with you on the second visit. 🙂

  3. Love this breezy dress! This is the perfect look for your visit to Prague.

    1. Thank you, Kathrine and couldn’t agree more.

  4. The architecture in Prague looks fascinating, and the waterfront looks pretty.
    The colour, look of the fabric and airy design of the red dress you were wearing in Prague look beautiful!
    You looked fabulous wearing it there.
    That red dobby mesh long puff sleeve skater dress you linked at ISawItFirst looks very pretty as well.
    Yes! Fashion-wise I have trouble resisting very feminine puff-sleeved short (18-22 inch) babydoll nighties along with comfortable classic full cut full coverage high-waisted nylon panties.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with ya, dear.
      The airy design definitely stole my heart.
      Thanks so much!
      Sounds great! Babydoll nighties sound sexy! Wow!!

  5. Love the dress my Dear. You look so Comfy & Chic. I cannot turn down any Orange colored stuff that fits. Enjoy. . .

    1. Thank you, dear! That makes the two of us.

  6. You look amazing in this red dress, that color looks incredible on you! By the way, I too want to visit Prague so badly, can’t wait until this covid hell is over with so it becomes safe to travel again. <3

    1. Thanks much, Jelena! Oh you do and yes to covid going the hell away!

  7. I am with you, if I won the lotto I would move to Paris and then travel all over Europe. And would love to get to Prague one day. In fact my friends and I almost moved there at one point. But we decided on Seattle instead hmm. LOVE this red dress it looks great on you!

    Allie of

    1. That sounds great! I know you love Paris. Oh wow! I don’t blame y’all – it’s a beautiful city. Thanks much, Allie!

  8. That colour looks amazing on you! And so does the dress.
    I want to visit Prague. You describe it so wonderfully!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Omaye! You definitely should and you won’t regret it.
      Have a great day too.

  9. Wow, red is your colour, dear Missy May! You look fantastic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. The prettiest dress! Perfect for our in-between weather here in Florida. It’ll still be warm for a while, and this is a great piece <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. Thanks much, Kate! Wonderful! Wish I had your weather then. Ha!

  11. You look so elegant. Red looks amazing on you. Love your hairstyle *.*
    Xoxo ❤

  12. You look terrific in this red dress! Prague is a beauty.

  13. Oh Mavis! You look absolutely darling in this dress! Red is one of your best colors! I love how flowy and light the dress is. As you said, perfect for walking and checking out the sites! Prague is one of the cities I’d love to visit one day. Maybe you will be there too when I’m there. 😉 Hope you’re having a great week, my dear friend.

    1. Thanks muchas dear friend! Hope you get to visit some day and yes, I will. We can make it happen some day. 🙂
      I am and hope you too my dear friend. Much love!

  14. Same Missy, I have a weakness for any red pieces and traveling. Your dress is just perfect for a scroll around the city.

    1. Good to hear that I’m not alone, Radi. Thank you!

  15. Oh I love your dress.
    Flowy dresses are my favorites. It’s so comfortable !

  16. You look like a queen in red. I hope you enjoyed the trip to Prague! I can’t resist buying black midi dresses! I probably already have like 100 at least but still, every time I see sth I like I just have to get it! xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  17. What a beautiful dress! This shade looks great on you. Wonderful pics.
    Prague is one of the cities I’d love to visit some day.
    I’m more into local travel for a variety of reasons, but sometimes I wonder what I’m missing.

    1. Thanks much, Ivana!
      Hope you defo do some day.
      Nothing wrong with exploring your local surroundings, but will be nice to expand too. 🙂

  18. Yes, Schwester, Prague is such a beautiful artful place. We loved it. Great to hear you enjoyed it. Cute dress, too! <3

    1. Good to hear that, sis! Thanks much!

  19. Prague looks like an amazing city to visit! Red is your color! Love your dress!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  20. You look gorgeous! I love bright red – it’s such a bold and uplifting colour! xx

    mia //

  21. This color is incredible on you, and I love the shape and style of the dress as well!

    Ashlee |

    1. Good to hear that, Ashlee. Thank you!

  22. I am in love with your dress! It really fits you!

    1. That makes the two of us and thank you!

  23. You look great in red! that’s such a lovely dress on you and it’s so nice you get to travel! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂

  24. I love Prague and you look fabulous in red!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  25. Aren’t you adorable in that red dress? I just love the photo of you by the red flowers. And, I miss traveling SO much!! I would love to travel so much more than I do, it would be nice to have lots of money for that! Lol!


  26. I love travelling as much as you do! That red dress looks very amazing on you.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Good to hear that, Simone! Thanks much!

  27. This looks so fun dear! Love your red dress, so cute on you!
    Thanks for sharing

    Fashion┊Lifestyle┊Japan ―

    1. Good to hear that, dear! Thanks much and my pleasure!

  28. This dress is beautiful! Love the colour!

    Curated by Jennifer

  29. This is such a great dress! You look so gorgeous.

    Infinitely Posh

  30. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.

    Nahid |

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