It can be called checkered, flannel, plaid or tartan print, but one thing is for sure, -this print has a statement feel to it. These type of shirts are so versatile and so effortless. Dressed up or down, there’s a lot one can do with them.

Styling Tips

  • With Fall creeping in, you can style a checkered shirt by layering with a puffer or fur vest, cardigan and also some light coats.
  • It can be used as a layer up on top of a basic tee or dress.
  • It can be worn with different pants and skirts. You can choose to play it comfortable like mine or tuck it.
  • For a more classy and professional approach, it can be tucked into a good fitted pant or skirt. Layer with a nice tailored blazer and accessorize according to your liking.
  • It can be layered with a lovely sweater with the collar and sleeves out.
  • Last, but certainly not the least you can tie it around your waist or tie it in front to add a funky vibe to an outfit.

The styling options are endless if you ask me.
How do you style a checkered shirt?

Somewhere around last two weeks, I decided to change my hair a bit by getting some braids done. After five days of getting it, my scalp was so itchy that I had it removed. The itch was so terrible that I couldn’t cope anymore. Such a shame because I spent fifty pounds to have these done (lol!). Maybe its about time I try wigs.


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend though. Wishing y’all a blessed week.


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