Not a day goes by without a fashion lover lusting on something (fashion-wise) to add to the million things that they already have collecting dust in their wardrobe. As stupid and greedy as it sounds, its something they can’t help, but to do. Ha! It is like someone who loves to eat. They always have food on their mind.

One of the hobbies in my spare time is to window-shop online. It sounds harmless until I find pieces that appeals to me. – Then my bank account starts yelling for help. Lol!

On a good day with clear mind, the good Lord will wave all my responsibilities in my mind, and things will be left in the shopping basket. Now on a stressful day, responsibilities will be overlooked and things will be bought, because shopping is therapeutic when stressed. Lol!

Can you relate?

Minding my own business, Ericdress got in contact to do a wishlist. I thought it was easy until I visited their site and spent hours of hours crushing on almost every piece. It was torture basically! As we can’t have everything in this world, the girl had to narrow her lists down to these trendy pieces you see right here.

What’s there not to love! 

The prices are very affordable. You can get ten percent off your order using the code INS10. Nothing like style on budget!

Are you familiar with this brand? 

I hope the week has started off well.

Keep it moving no matter what.

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Much Love!


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