Happy Friday Beauties!

The joy when Friday just creeps in, but we all know how the weekend just zooms by without you even noticing. Ha! 

So any plans? 

After a year of trying to find a local swim lessons for my son, a door has opened (thank God!) and we’re both happy about it. I’m thinking of taking lessons myself. I’ve not stepped in a pool since I was born and neither have I been in a bathing suit before. You better not laugh nor judge me behind the screen! Lol! I just can’t get the idea of people urinating in pools outta my head. – And yes I know they put some substances in the water, but it’s still gross. The mind is gradually changing anyways. As for bathing suit, I’m just not comfortable wearing something like that amongst strangers, but hopefully I’ll change in that department too.

You probably thinking, “is this girl Missy normal?” Lol!

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy this effortless outfit I wore to a party. My son asked me to purchase this glasses when we visited Primark, and I’m glad. For about two pounds, It’s perfect! The blouse is also from the brand. Love the length and how flowy it is.


Happy weekend and thanks very much for welcoming me back with your lovely comments on my previous post.

Appreciate y’all!

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Much Love!


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