Happy Easter Beauties!!

How’s life?

Did you miss me? Ha!! I know you did and y’all were missed too. Clearly I’ve been gone for over a month. To be honest I just didn’t seem to have motivation when it came to blogging and life has been challenging. 

On blogging, I can’t really pinpoint why the lost of motivation. It wasn’t writer’s block for sure but, I did sense some boredom. -And this is so weird because blogging is my joy and has always been my stress reliever and escape route. Have you experienced this before?

On life, with each day comes fresh hope, but also its challenges. -And what challenges they’ve been but, I’ve to constantly remind myself that there’s a greater God looking out for me so I’ve to have faith and not give up. Also I’ve been having a hard time comprehending what’s going on in the world now. Not a day goes by without hearing about some bad news and I must say, “this is depressing!” What are we living for exactly? At this point in my life I’ve decided to focus more on being prayerful, staying motivated through reading/listening to sermons, running and enjoying nature.

If we follow each other on Instagram you’ll see that I post a lot of motivational images and captions. It feels good to always get good response and to know that you’re not alone in something.

I’ve a lot to say but, I’ll end it here because I don’t want to bore anybody. Plus I’ve a lot of blogs to visit and see what I’ve missed. These are some images from my Instagram feed.

Happy Easter and have a lovely weekend.

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