Let me start off by saying, “Happy New Year” to y’all since this is my first post in 2017. I wanted to start this year with a personal post from me, but unfortunately January is freezing and it gets dark so early, -And this is not good for a blogger who’s not keen on cold. Nonetheless the show must go on so lets get this ball rolling by drooling over the beauty of these ladies.

One of the things I want to try and open myself up for this year is all things beauty/makeup. My friends have been getting me to paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows, makeup, etc, but yours truly has zero interest. Last year I came out of my comfort zone and tried foundations and matte lipsticks. Not bad at all! They sure enhance one’s beauty.

Few days ago the 74th Golden Globe Awards was held in Beverly Hills and as always the stars came to slay. There were a lot of dapper men and gorgeous ladies in great ensemble on the red carpet. While I’m always after the gowns, this time around it’s the makeups/hairstyles that caught my attention. I love the natural glow of all these ladies even though they’re wearing makeups. Personally, this is my kind of makeup, -very soft with a hint of sexy touch from a bold lippy or eye game. Ha!

Looking beautiful with lovely smiles above are Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Chrissy Teigen and Tracee Ellis Ross.

From top left: Singer, songwriter and now an actress, Janelle Monae | Bond lady, Naomie Harris | Brie Larson looked absolutely flawless | Actress, Emma Stone

Have a wonderful weekend and hope the year has started off well for everybody. Cheers to blogging in 2017.

Thank you Beauties!

*DISCLAIMER: I made the collages, But I don’t owe the rights to none of these images. Credit to the photographers and the makeup artists. Source: Here*

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