The western’s economy might be slowing down, but China doesn’t seem to budge. Each day there’s something popping up and in our blogging world, a clothing brand. We can’t really be mad, because these brands give us not only trendy, quirky and different ensemble, but also very affordable. While some of them come cheap in appearance we can’t also deny the fact that some of them are of good quality. One of these brands is Irisie. The brand contacted me about a collaboration and being a person who tries before judging, I agreed and I was sent all of the things you’re seeing here. Reviews will be following soon, but for the meantime, its thumbs up from me. I can’t speak for all the pieces the brand sells, but the pieces I received are of good quality.

So who is Irisie?

Their Ambition

We’re not just hunting for stylish stuff and piling them up on our website. Instead we listen closely to what girls truly expect from a dress, put down amazing ideas on style from every friend we talk to and embrace these inspirations while we’re designing our dresses, skirts (actually it’s any stuff you can find on irisie). That’s correct, we design our own stuff and get them displayed, shared, loved and put on and you’ll find irisie can be your one-stop online fashion destination and resolution.

Shipping & Delivery & Return

The brand offers standard shipping worldwide, but one is entitled to free standard shipping when you spend over $39 and this is also worldwide. If this is not a major jackpot then I don’t know!

If you’re not happy with something you bought, you contact them about it and it can be returned within 30 days upon receiving it.


If you’ve shopped from any Chinese brand before, you’ll know that their sizing is a bit off. – So please do measure yourself before placing an order.

*Dresses above: Black Ruffle Dress & Navy Polka-Dot Maxi Dress*

Red Chill Sweatshirt & Faux Fur Cute-Bear Coat

Blue Block Bow-Tie-Neck Shirt & White Tie-Waist Flared-Sleeve Blouse

Currently the brand says, shoppers will get 20% off their first order and 30% off faux coats. Don’t take my words for it, please do check em out and let me know what you think or see.

Thank God its Friday!

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