I don’t know if this post can be deemed motivational Monday any more as the day is over here in the UK. In consideration of the rest of the world, we’ll overlook that and still proceed. Ha! 

Better late than never (as the saying goes).

Today has been one of the most stressful and worst Mondays ever. Over the weekend, I booked a few days getaway for my son and I in Birmingham, as we couldn’t travel to Austria as planned. We got here today, but the hustle of finding the hotel alone was a nightmare. – After a long ride in a bus to where I thought the hotel was only to find out that the city has four streets with the same name, but different postcodes, – waiting over thirty minutes for a taxi, – entering a hotel room which was well put together, but dirty floor and the list goes on….  Whilst I’m trying to be mad at all of this, the sound of my son snoring away as I lay comfortably in a single bed typing this post just urges me to be grateful. It could have been worse.

Lately I’ve been training my mind and myself to think/see the positive in everything. Yes, even when it clearly looks like this holiday is going to exceed the budget I intended. Ha! Once there’s life, there’s hope that another money will miraculously pop up somewhere. Faith!

Quotes and daily devotional readings has kept me going for the past couple of weeks. Every time I feel down or gear towards unnecessary thinking, those are my battle weapons. They’re really  uplifting and seeking motivation is a habit that we need daily as humans.

One thing I’ve also been doing is looking into home decors. Following my de-cluttering therapy, I want to add some bits and bobs to some areas around the house. I want a change of house actually, but since the time hasn’t come yet, I’ll make the best of the now till the change happens. Nothing fancy though!

What about you? Hope your Monday is/was better than mine. Have you been into anything new lately?

*DISCLAIMER: I don’t owe the right to none of this image. They’re all pinned from Pinterest.*

Wishing y’all a blessed week.

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