I’ve always had a love and hate for evening gowns. They scream elegance/sophistication, but the fear of feeling overdressed always creeps in. – Not forgetting the side-eyes from some of my people. If you’re African, you know what I’m talking about. There’s always that one person who’ll make it their business to tell you that you’re upstaging the event organizer. Ha!

On Saturday I was a bridesmaid for a friend and I wore a beautiful strapless long dress, so I can officially say that, “the fear is broken!”

With few weddings on the line, I plan on getting a couple to wear. Sherry London sure came at the right time! – With the varieties of evening dresseslong evening dresses and red evening dresses, there’s no denying that they’ll have something for me. One will definitely become the queen of the ball at every event.

Any brand that has something for plus size women is a plus in my book. Sherry London’s plus size evening dresses looks well made and there’re different styles to choose from. Their gorgeous black evening dresses are sure to make one stand out. Elegance with a sexy touch! The comfort of their evening maxi dresses is perfect for an outdoor wedding.



I hope you’re all well, Beauties.

What do you think of these dresses?

If you’ve some events lined up this summer, definitely check Sherry London out, there might be something for you. It’s sales season too.

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