Happy Birthday to Missy May! 

God, this is how far You’ve brought Mavis (a.k.a Missy May) and she’s grateful. Thank You…

As I hit 31 today, I’m reminded of how good God is and how fortunate/blessed I am to be alive. Looking back at moments where I wanted to kill myself or wish I could vanish from the face of the earth, because of family issues and life blows. – Well I’m glad none of that happened, because I feel like this is my moment.

Am I where I want to be yet? No! Do I even know where I want to be? Not really! I’m a simple person and all I want is good health, a family of my own, a fulfilling job, a place I can call home and to be a blessing to others. Anything on top of that is an icing on the cake and I’ll forever be grateful.

It is okay not to know sometimes. Just take one day at a time, do your best, pray and leave the rest to God. God in His infinite mercy will surely come through.

In an era where everything is so artificial and the world is in a competition with one another, it is easy to get caught up with all the bulls. It is easier to feel like a failure if you believe all the hype on social media. Why is she saying that? Because at some point I nearly got overly depressed with how everyone, especially females portrayed that posh/perfect life on social media. I’m a single mother who’s not married, rents and just living a simple life so of course its bound to happen when everyone else is rubbing perfection in your face. I’m now in the know that not everyone has their life together like it is presented on social media.

On the #ootd, I wore this to church. This dress was custom made in Ghana in 2014. It is special to me, because the fabric was a birthday gift from a good person when I visited Ghana that year.

These accessories were also custom made in Ghana. Thanks to the people who gifted me these as well.

The sandals are old from Primark. I still can’t believe its from them. It is great!

Bag and belt from them as well.

*PHOTOGRAPHY: Abeiku Arthur Photography*

Hope the week is treating you well.

Have a great day!

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