How do you dress for a funeral?

Obviously a funeral is an emotional and respectful ceremony, therefore one has to dress appropriately in order not to disrespect the family/dead. Appropriate means conservative and tasteful. You’ve to show empathy and sympathy.

Traditionally, in my culture, red and black are the colours to wear to funerals. As Africans, you’re expected to wear a traditional African attire (ankara), but should that really matter? Even when you show up in the colour scheme, it is still not good enough for some people. I’m proud to be an African, but honestly some of our people are just complicated. Its either too much rules or they’re never satisfied with anything.

I feel like I’m in a stage in my life where I’m not bothered about trivial things like these. No disrespect, but there’re more important issues at hand than that.

What do you think?

Hope the week is treating you well.

*PHOTOGRAPHY: Abeiku Arthur Photography*

*OUTFIT: Hat (old, Similar), Top (instore, Tkmaxx), Skirt (old, Similar), Earring (old) and Sandals (old, love This)

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