I’m officially a sucker  for Primark. Years ago, I used to hate the retailer, because you won’t pass a corner or attend a party without seeing someone in something you bought from them. Lets face it, sometimes we just want to wear something someone ain’t got or a bit unique. -And Primark isn’t exactly the place to shop for unique stuff. Ha!!

Over the past years, I figured that the best way to shop in Primark is go quite early or shop from their sales section. You’re bound to find a gem. A friend also advised me not to wear what I buy from them immediately. 

I asked, “why?” 

She said, “by the time you wear yours, everyone who bought the same piece has outworn theirs.”


In light of the above, this beautiful top on me was bought three years ago. Not that I was following my friend’s advise, but I completely forgot about it. Like I stated in my previous post, 2016 is about exploring my closet first.

Denim skinnies have been my go-to this winter. I’ve been working on my thighs and I must say they’re coming along nicely. Haha!! So expect more pants here on le blog. *wink!*

Above anything else, I believe Primark has come along way and this is very good.

*Photography: Abeiku Arthur Photography*

*OUTFIT: Top (Primark), Skinny (Primark), Bag (old) and Pumps (old, Dunelondon)

Waya say? 

Do you shop in Primark? Any secrets you want to share?

Have a lovely weekend, Beauties.

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