Its that time of the year again where I share my testimony and recaps of what the year has been.

Generally, 2015 has been a good year. – Sure there have been some ups and downs, but in all I give thanks to God. Without mistakes and mishaps, we can’t grow. 

We live to learn.

Career: Career wise, I decided to go into education this year, because I got inspired from working in a school for special needs children. My first day as an employee was very emotional. Sadness filled my heart and so many questions ran through my mind. It was all “why?” and “what ifs?” Hmm..

Fast forward, I’m now training to be a teacher who specialize in learners with special needs and disabilities. It sure is a hard work, but nothing is impossible.

Personal: This year I turned 30yrs, but honestly I’m not a person who is too faced about aging. I believe it’s all about how you feel inside and of course being healthy/alive. A lot has happened to this age, – a couple of heartbreaks, disappointments, losses, bad decisions (etc.), but these have molded me to the person I am today. I’ve been hard on myself most of the time, blaming myself for certain mishaps. I realized this was a soul and happiness killer. Defo one habit out the window!! Yes, I’m a Christian, but I’m no where near perfection. The very day I decided to baptize and follow Christ was the day real temptation and sinning started. Its like the devil just followed me everywhere, things I prayed hard to avoid doing were the very things I ended up doing. The journey and battle is still ongoing, but thanks to Jesus for His grace/mercies.

Love also knocked on my door this year.

Blogging: 2015 blogging has been nothing short of wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a few brands and bonded with a lot of beautiful bloggers, which I’m grateful for. Due to luck of photographer and time, I haven’t been able to do much outfit posts the way I wanted. It is definitely something to improve on next year if God permits. I would also like to collaborate with bloggers more in 2016. 

Fashion/Beauty: On the fashion department, nothing has changed. When it comes to the beauty department I still suck at makeup, but I tried new things this year. New things as in lipstick and invested in a couple of products, -mainly exfoliators, oils and hair products.

*Products I’ve been using this year, 2015.*

*I started using these on my holiday in Austria. Great and smell so good!*

2016 Agenda: I’ll just continue to live my life, hope and pray for the best. Work on bettering myself as a mother, woman and human. Blogging-wise, like I stated above, I would like to collaborate more with bloggers. -And generally produce good posts. Anything else is icing on the cake and I’m thankful!

Lessons: 2015 has taught me to be more positive, not to be too hard on myself, communicate about my feelings more, worry less and pray more.

To conclude, God has been good in 2015. Blessed with home amenities, air, food, clothes, etc. etc. 


What’s your testimony?

Sorry for the long read, but this happens only once in a year. Ha!

If you got a post as well, please do leave a link in the comment area.

May 2016 be a year of goodness, happiness and every blessing that didn’t manifest in 2015 come to pass in 2016. Amen!


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Much Love!


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