Are you nice to yourself?

Do you over-criticize yourself?

I know I do and boy-oh-boy is it depressing!

Indeed, we’re our own worst enemies.

 There’s a healthy criticism and of course there’s the ‘not-so’ healthy one which sends your spirit right down the depression lane. For a while now I’ve been on that lane and I have come to realize that, its not the path to travel. I find fault and over-think everything concerning my life, – yes, even when its good.

Is it normal? 

Who does that!!

Thanks be to God Who’s gracious, merciful and the only One who gets us.

Anyways….it is Monday and I don’t want to bother anyone with too much reading, but just in case you’re like me – please give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself, because you can only try so hard in life. Whether you do right or wrong, sometimes it still won’t go the way you want it to. Remind yourself that, you’re not perfect and therefore you’re allowed to do mistakes.

Learn, rise and peddle on.

It is good to reflect and evaluate yourself, but don’t do it in a way that will send you down the depression lane.

You’ll feel happier.

*All Credit: Pinterest*

Having said the above, hope you’re well and ready to battle another week.

All the best, Beauties!

What’s your take on the subject?

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Much Love!


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