Yes we’re naturally beautiful, but sometimes we want/like to enhance on certain things. There’re different routes to take, but I always say, “take the hustle-free one where there’s no side effects.” Recent times, accessible online shops like Irresistible Me has become a convenient option for most of us when it comes to hair matters.

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I had the opportunity to enhance my beauty this weekend with one of IrresistibleMe’s Clip-In Ponytails and I must say, I’m satisfied with their hair. One could see the difference between my natural hair and the remy human hair, but I wasn’t bothered that much because its only a ponytail. The main factor here is that, this is a good quality hair without any fault. It is stitched well which shows its durability and is easy to fix which was my main concern.

Irresistible Me is a brand that centers around great clip-in hair extensions, wigs and other hair accessories. From their Silky Touch Hair Extenstions, Volume Vixen to Royal Remy, you’re guaranteed 100% human hair. The best thing about this brand is that, one can choose their desired weight and length for full customization. The thickness of the hair depends on both the weight and length you choose.

Keeping their customers satisfied is a priority, hence one is allowed to exchange and return product for free (USA & Canada). Unfortunately international buyers aren’t offered that option, so I would advice that you make sure you know what you want in order to avoid unnecessary cost. The customer service team are always there to answer your enquiries.

With great reviews and feedbacks from customers, ladies give this brand a try if you’re into hair extensions or think of enhancing your beauty.


This is a sponsored post, but every opinion is mine. Thanks to Irresistible Me for the opportunity to collaborate.

What’s your relationship with hair extensions?

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