I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely thanking God it’s Friday. The week has been stressful and my body could do with a good old massage. 

Talk of massage, -let me tell you a funny story.

Story: Few years ago, I visited one of these wellness Spa for a massage, because I was tensed up from gyming. It was my first time, so you know girl was nervous and excited at the same time. Lying almost naked on the bed, all I was hoping for was a woman to walk through that door or at least a cute fine man. Lol!!

Door opens and with me lying faced down, I could only see the person’s legs. Damn it was a man!! Curiosity sets in so I stood up to see who’s about to glide his hands on my body. OMG…they sent fucking (excuse my French, pls.) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson lookalike to massage me. Just imagine the structure of these two people – All I said was, “I’m dead!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I was right, because after the massage, I couldn’t move. For a couple of days after the massage I felt like I had been beaten continuously for a while. Oh yeah I was massaged all right (sarcastically). This experience defo put me off wellness Spa. Ha!

Now unto the fun birthday photos from my mini house party. I just wanted to share with my blogger family. I posted a couple on my ig, but not everyone follows me there, so why not share more on my blog. I’m yet to share my 30yrs experience with y’all. Lol!

Hope you enjoy em. 

 *She’s a pain on my neck, but love her to bits. The fashionista HERE, Anita.*

 *All this for one person. How greedy is she!? Sharing is caring, gallll.. Lol!*

 *With fresh boy, George and Ms. booty, Anita. Lol!!*

 *Friends indeed! One love!*

 *1,2,3 – Missyyyy…*

 *Soon to be bride and queen of pouting, Abigail! Ha! Remember the bachelorette party I mentioned HERE, yep that’s her.*

 *Photobombing us like that ain’t cool, Bernard. Lol!! With my beautiful gal, Lesley.*

 *Two photobombers -Bernard in front and Alfred behind. Ha! With pretty, Jackie.*

 *Sandwiched between Jackie and my sister from another mother, Freda.*

 *For a girl who nags a lot about taking pictures, she (Jackie) seems to be everywhere. Lol! Ladies in the middle, Emina and Anita strangling me.  Haha..*

*Shout out to my bro, photographer and boss, Abeiku.*

Well I hope my story makes you laugh your way to the weekend.

Have a lovely one.

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