Happy New Month, Beauties!!

2015 sure ain’t waiting for no one. Have you accomplished any resolutions yet?

I didn’t set any resolutions this year, but there are some things I want to try this year -namely live a bit more healthy and try lipsticks.

So far so good!

Now lets talk about laced up heels.

 These babies have become so popular, it’s hard not to notice. Even when something isn’t that nice, but you see people doing it, it becomes attractive for a minute, right? 

Laced up heels/sandals are nice though. Personally I find it hard to walk in these kind of shoes, but I love seeing them on others. They add some sort of sexy touch, sophistication and glamour to an outfit. One can wear them with anything.

All these selections can be found at 

Are you a fan of these sandals?

Can you hit the runway of your street in these?

Holla and have a lovely weekend.

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