Is it too early to talk about swim wears?

I think not. The weather has started lightening up gradually and summer is few weeks away. I know some of us are probably thinking of going on vacations or spending some quality time at the seaside or pool. With that said, shall we talk about swim wears please.

Personally I find swim wears so sexy, but I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing one on the beach yet. Last year when I was going to Ghana, I went to a store to try on a couple and the sales assistant lol from my silly comments. -After going through several styles and sizes, there was one that I liked, but the thought of me wearing that on an African beach didn’t sit well with my stomach (Haha). I told her I’ll buy it anyways, but on the way to the cashier, I hanged it on a rail and ran quickly from the store like someone was chasing me.

Anywhos, to aid you in choosing beautiful diverse bathing suits, Beddinginn has stocked the latest sexy swimsuits and  high waisted bikini with matching beach cover ups. There’re three to two pieces suits and one piece suits. What I love about the swimsuits are the varieties of different prints and patterns, like the Beautiful-Butterfly-Print-Beach-Sarong-Cover-Up image up top. -Depending on how sexy you want to go, Beddinginn has a suit to fit your taste.

When buying swimsuits, always think about the comfort first, because if you’re not comfortable in it, no matter how sexy the suit might be, your lack of confidence and comfort will dim the sexy light. The second point is making sure you choose a swimsuit that compliment your body well, taking into consideration the fabric and colour. You might wanna consider getting a suit that will flatter your good assets and also for the right purpose.





What do you think about these swimsuits?

Any opinions about swimsuits?

Lets talk and don’t hesitate to checkout Beddinginn Custom Swimwears. The prices are totally affordable.


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