Howdy Beauties?

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 

I’ve been m.i.a for few days. Unfortunately my son was ill, but thanks be to God he’s strong now and our weekend was ok. 

Are you prepared for another week? I’ve been so relaxed this Easter holidays, I even forgot I had a job. Lol!! Oh well…the holidays are over, so its back to work tomorrow if God permits. I’m super grateful for everything though.

For Motivational Monday post today, I want to share this few minutes sermon from Creflo Dollar. He’s one of the preacher’s I love to listen to. 

The sermon is about dating and how we rush into relationships without asking the right questions or not knowing the person well enough. Lord knows I’ve had my share of this dating mess, but I pray I do things better the final time.

Please do listen to it. It’s a good sermon and hilarious too.

Have a blessed week and do share your thoughts.

You’re much appreciated.

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Much Love!


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