Have you ever encouraged or given an advise to someone, but when it came to you, you were lost or didn’t know what to do?

Weird isn’t it?

Namely I have a friend who’s name is Miriam. She’s always complaining about stretch marks on her arms and I’ll tell her, who cares. None of the people you think will judge you ain’t perfect, so don’t give a hoot about what they think -wear sleeveless tops whenever you wish.

Well guess what! I felt like Miriam when I wore this outfit to church few weeks ago. This ridiculous feeling played up so much in my mind that, I was uncomfortable to post some pictures I took on my blog. For someone like me who has been honest with my readers, shared my imperfections and poured all my goofiness here, I was amazed how I let this silly negative thought spoiled my mojo. The funny thing is, I’ve posted numerous outfit posts here baring my arms, so how could this particular one which isn’t that bad made me feel like that? This definitely reminds me of Joyce Meyer’s book, ‘Battlefield of the Mind’. In the book, she writes about how powerful our thoughts are. Joyce Meyer argues that there’s a battle waging in our mind through negative thoughts and if this isn’t taken care of, our life will be miserable. 

OUTFIT: Blouse (old, Wallis), Skirt/Bag (Primark) and Sandals (old, Asos).

Have you found yourself in such a situation before?

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