Hello Beauties!

In two days we’ll officially hit 2015, -scary or amazing? I feel like this year passed in a blink of an eye. It definitely thought me that time waits for no man, so we have to make the best of it.

I started this year so depressed and frustrated due to redundancy, but thanks be to God, I’m ending it with a job. 

When you’re in a bad place in your life, one can easily be down, discouraged and negative all the time. – Sometimes these things actually happen to pave the way for greater things, but as human beings we only see what we what to see. It took me nine months to find a suitable job that will fit my timetable as a single mother and I entered without any form of interview. How awesome is that!? 

Even though I was jobless, I was able to travel to Ghana to see my family after thirteen years of being in Europe. Thanks to God and a little savings. 

One thing I also achieved this year is accept the body I’m in. I’m a black African woman with enough body and proud. Lol!!

God is Good!

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is my TESTIMONY!

What is yours?

OUTFIT: Dress (soldout, Asos Maternity Section), Tights (Primark) & Boots (soldout, Newlook, Love THIS).

I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve to dinner with some friends.

Happy Prosperous New Year To Us!

Once we’ve life, there’s hope.

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Much Love!


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