Gud Morning Beauties!!

I pray and hope you feel blessed to be alive this morning. I know Monday is not our best friend, but if we look at it with a different mindset, we’ll feel better and the day will fly by like a wind.

So how was your weekend?

Mine was fun! I attended two parties on Saturday and worked on Sunday – Luck of sleep, but hey its Xmas!! An excuse to boogie down…Lol!!

Anyhow…very soon we’ll be entering another year and I know lots of us like to evaluate our lives now. While it is good to do this, I also know the effect it can have on some people. 
Look, whether you tried and failed, -whether you were able to fulfill some goals or not, please don’t feel like a failure. Success wasn’t born overnight. This year might not be yours, but guess what? Next year could be yours!! 
So keep moving, keep trying and don’t forget to salt your soup which is your life with a pint of salt which is Jesus, everyday. 

Much Love!

Have a blessed week.

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