Are you one of those people who dress depending on their mood sometimes?…Yes? Well not to worry, cos I am too (Lol!). I don’t know if that feeling comes from the side of the bed one sleeps the night before. – Personally speaking, I always sleep on the same side, so maybe there’s a divine force somewhere that initiates it.


I woke up this day feeling all kinds of awesome/sexy, so I dressed the part. Again, our definition of sexy might not be the same, so please feel free to jot your word in the comment box down low. Haha!

By the way, did I tell you how I love dresses?…No? – Then please excuse my manners, because I do. A good dress that fits right can take you to cloud nine – top it with compliments from people and you’ll be on cloud ten!

This River-Island-flared-sleeve-pencil-dress ticked all the right boxes, especially the beautiful vibrant colour.

OUTFIT: Dress (Asos, HERE) & Sandals (instore Primark).

So yeah…enough ranting from me!


I’m off to work now. Y’all have a blessed day and a lovely weekend. Any plans for the weekend? I’ve organized a birthday dinner for a friend on Saturday and will be attending church on Sunday. 

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Appreciate and Love ya!


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