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How are you and how was your weekend?

I’m fine and my weekend was good until I watched the viral video of the babysitter who tortured the little girl. Mennn…this had me in tears. Have you seen it? If not, please google it – its appalling!!

As a single mother who depend sometimes on people to cater for my son while I go to work, a lot of emotions and questions went through my mind. – Bills have to be paid, but is it all worth it leaving your child in the hands of a monster?

Moments like this, I wish we had super powers to read people’s mind or see the future, so misfortunes like this can be avoided.

OUTFIT: Camou. Top/Leggings (instore Primark) & Boots (oldie).

As far as the #ootd goes, this is me on Saturday. Nothing has changed except my hair which got braided and apparently I’ve lost some weight too. Ha! I went to town to do some minor shopping. 

Stay Bless and have a great week.

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