If you’re reading this, then I give thanks to God for giving you and I another chance. A chance to be a better us – a chance to chase that dream – a chance to correct that mistake – a chance to not bother about what tomorrow might bring, because the God who has given us this chance has everything under control, so far as we trust and abide in Him.

Hello Beauties!

How are you doing and how was your weekend?

Mine was lovely (thanks for asking..). I was off this weekend from work, so I planned a ladies night out on Saturday. If we follow each other on Instagram you might have seen my updates. Lol! 

Anyways it was great, even though people ended up disappointing me which I was quite pissed about. 

Why pissed? – you might ask.

See my theory is that, if someone asks you to do something and you don’t have time or don’t wanna do it….-just be honest say no. Don’t let the person’s hope high or confirm and then when the time is up, you swerve em or not pick their calls. This was the case with one particular friend that’s famous for doing this to me. I always overlook that, but this time Missy May was mad she didn’t even reply her “I’m sorry message” on a Sunday morning.

I don’t take disappointments lightly, because I’m actually every emotional or sensitive.

Anywhos….the night out ended up with four ladies including myself and I must say I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. So yeah it was a success!

How do you deal with disappointments?

I’m not perfect and I’m taking every chance now to find inner peace. What are you doing? Ok, have a blessed week and hope to hear from you. 

God’s word for you today: You don’t have to live in weakness because God’s power is available to you today and every day.

*Joyce Meyer*

Much Love!


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