Scary how time is flying so fast, but once there’s life, we’ve to thank God and make the best out of it.

Hello October!

How y’all doing?

I’ve been m.i.a for few days. – Life has been pretty on the go lately and I know y’all can relate to it. Hope all is well at your end.

Anywhos…..today I’m damaging your eyes with my chub-rub thighs. My thighs and I have a love-hate relationship that doesn’t seem to resolve. Love in the sense that it looks good in skirts/dresses. Hate in the sense that its vavavom defined in pants like right now in this Primark leggings. Lol! All I can say is, the journey of loving your body for what it is, is still in motion for me. 

These images where taken on my holiday in Ghana. I was traveling to see my dad in the central region. I love to be comfortable when traveling and this look did justice.

OUTFIT: Shirt (old, Next) & Bag/Legging (old, Primark)

*My goofy self as usual. Lol!*

Have a blessed week.

Much Love!

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