I’ve been bringing y’all some variety of posts, but today…I’m back with my funny self. – What? Y’all told me I was! Lol! 

Anywhos, what’s good at your neck of the woods? I’m out here freezing like its no one’s business. Lol! I know I should be used to this weather seeing that I’ve been in Europe for over ten years, but somehow it still gets me.

Apparently having a man by your side is the only cure. Is that true? Haha! 

I attended a wedding last week and showing appreciation to God, the groom sang praising God for sending him a woman (bride) to help him during the cold season. It was sweet and hilarious at the same time.

Anyhow, if you’re single like moi, I suppose a good coat is what you need. A good coat like this two-toned coat I’m rockin.

God bless!

OUTFIT: Coat (soldout, Next), Dress (soldout, Wallis) & Sandals (instore, Primark).

So wah ya say? – Coat or a man?


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Much Love!


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