The fashionista series has been gone for a minute, but its back and this time with some men touch. 

Today’s feature is Pius and we initially met on Facebook. I accepted his friend request when I realized on his bio that he’s from my hometown. – So after some few chats, it turned out that he actually knew my family back home and he’s scared of my father. Lol! I think the structure of my dad freaks him out.

I had the opportunity of meeting him in person when I went on the summer holiday in Ghana.

About Him: My name is Pius Ato Pennien – I’m 25yrs old – I come from a family of three and I was born in the western region part of Ghana. My hobbies are watching football, movies and reading novels. I’ve passion for fashion even though professionally I’m a teacher. I also do modelling aside teaching and I’m signed to Exclusive Models Incoporated located in Accra, Ghana.

On Why He Loves Fashion: I love fashion, because it brings out the creativity in me. It also gives me the opportunity to learn and appreciate the fashion sense/style of  other people from other cultures.

On What Style Means To Him: In short, I would say style is a way of finding out who you’re and what benefits your fashion sense.

On Motivation & Inspiration: What motivate me is the feeling that comes with fashion, the inspiration you get from people and when people look up to you as a role model.

My fashion sense is inspired by people like Kofi Okyere Darko (a Ghanaian celeb.) and Jason Boateng (Ghanaian Designer/Stylist). They made me love the fashion spotlight the first time I saw them and ever since, I’ve followed their style. But I hope not to copy their every charisma, but bring on board my own style.

His Vision: My vision is to innovate into the fashion business a new style of embracing our culture and adding a little touch of other cultures to make it more dynamic. I want to change lives through fashion by teaching people how to appreciate their own and making the best out of it.

On Men Fashion Must-Haves/Wardrobe Essentials: Suits, wrist watch, sunglasses, bags, casual shoes, selection of ties, leather belts, polo shirts, joggers, clean underwears, blue jeans, khaki pants, etc.

Connect with Pius: My Profile & Instagram.

What do we think of Pius?

Hope you enjoyed the post. I’m always open to collaborations, so please feel free to holla ait. 🙂

Good luck with everything, Pius.

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