I’ve been m.i.a for few days – apologies! My laptop has been under the weather lately. I think its got fever or caught some virus. Anywhos…its feeling a bit ok today, so I get a pass to post.

Talk of virus! Y’all heard the Ebola predicament in our motherland Africa? Men, this is a serious matter for real. This ish has claimed so many lives – so sad!

May God help us!

Secondly, I want to apologize to all you Beauties who have nominated me for some awards or tags. The post is on draft, but the more I do this, the more nominees I get, so I want to pile all in one gargantuan post once and for all. – Hope y’all understand this, pls.


Unto the ootd – y’all remember this dress HERE? Yea…I took a casual approach to it this time. This dress is definitely one of the favs in the Missy May closet – the print is just so vibrant and beautiful. 

Mirror sunnies are a summer must-have, don’t you agree? There is something oh-so cool and sexy about em. Me likey!! Lovely colourful accessories brought some radiance too.


Dress: (soldout, like this short-sleeve ONE)

Flats: (Primark)

Necklace: (old, like THISTHIS & THIS)

Bag: (old, like THIS)

*Mirror Sunglasses: New Look*

*Met Benny Blanco (a Ghanaian celebrity) through a friend.*

What’s new at your end?

Off to check some of the posts I missed – see ya!

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Much love


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