Time sure is flying fast! If every minute didn’t count then, it should count now – because every minute wasted can’t be recovered.

Just a lil food for thought!. 


Few years back, I would have chosen baggy jeans/tee shirts over skirts, dresses and super feminine ensemble any day. Giving birth has really brought out some sort of femininity in me and I don’t know if its a good thing or bad. – Errhh…then again I think its both. Good in the sense that, the compliments keeps flowing and bad in the sense that, my bank account is begging me for help because I’m a flippin shopaholic! Lol!

Anywhos…I like the changes, but I’m a tomboy for life!

Sooo…talk of super feminine ensemble! Waya think of this peplum blouse and black pencil or midi skirt combination? Can it get any feminine than that!? Haha…

In the comment box down low, please be a darling and describe just one word this outfit looks to you.


You better not steal my word! Lol! *Jokes*

I do appreciate you.


Peplum Blouse (soldout, Boohoo – similar HERE & HERE)

Midi Skirt (old, F&F – similar HERE & HERE)

Pumps (instore, MissKG – like THISTHIS & THIS)


Look back and thank God.

Look forward and trust God.

He closes doors no man can open and He opens doors no man can close.

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