Isn’t it funny how sometimes as human beings we wait for symptoms to show up before we do something about situations? Truth is, half of the time we’re aware ish is bound to happen in certain circumstances or conditions, but STILL choose to ignore the signs/feelings. Sometimes, the aura surrounding an episode you’re about to live can even smell foul, but AGAIN we fail to hit the stop button! We like to hold on till ish hit the fan.

Is this faith, hope or stupidity?

I know most of y’all probably have heard about Ciara and Future’s unfortunate breakup. Allegedly he cheated on the Singer and that drove her to break their engagement. The amazing thing for me is the comments from people. A lots are saying the signs where there, but Ciara was blinded by love. The signs being, Future has three children with three ladies – didn’t marry none of them. So who was Ciara to think that it would be different with her. Because of it, no pity or feeling sorry for her.

I must admit, I was a bit heartbroken, because I’ve watched a few interviews of her. You could really see she was in love with this man. She had hopes and faith in this man I guess.

All I can hear is the song, Things We Do For Love by Horace Brown (listen HERE)

Do you know what stupidity is though? It is me remembering that fruits/veggies existed in Ghana when I realized I was putting on weight during my holidays. Lol!

*I just like to goof around!*

Bag/Necklace (Primark)

Skirt (Primark)

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 🙂

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