Yelloooo….anyone in the house!!? Lol!

I’m back and oh boy did I miss y’all…. This holiday was really needed, but I missed my boy and blogging. The internet connection in Ghana was too slow for my liking – didn’t have the patients for it!!

So what did I miss? – Jist me 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your lovely messages and prayers. – To think that I’ve found me some good friends through blogging is awesome and I’m grateful. Much love….

Gonna make this short/sweet, because the Ghana syndrome hasn’t still left my system (Lol!). A proper full on page of details coming soon. Meantime, this was my second day in GH, a good friend was so kind to take me out for a tour. I kept it casual, but soon regretted not wearing a mini skirt, bra, slippers or summin light cos the heat was no joke!! Gotdamn…my brains couldn’t think straight – that’s how hot the sun was burning. Honestly now I won’t complain about winter cold again (Hahaha…).

At Ghana Indepence Square, Accra.

*Curvy gals can jump! Lol…*

Asomdwee means PEACE.

OUTFIT: Top (old, River Island), Pants, bag and shoes (old, Primark) & Earrings (old, Claires).

I’ve visited a couple of blog posts – still trying to catch up, so not to worry. 


Peace & Love.


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