I’ve been trying to lose weight and stay fit since forever, but men!- its so damn hard when delicious food keep staring from every angle. Its safe to say that I LOVE FOOD!! The journey has pretty much been lose and gain, lose and gain. Having said that, the one thing I pat my back for is being able to maintain my size and not falling into the obese level. 

Personally its very important that I live a healthy lifestyle, because I was born with a chronic liver condition thats not curable. Well doctors say, but Jesus says another. Amen!

I’ve been trying to embark on a one week juice cleanse since forever, but as usual food always get the best of me. Sad! Today/this week, Mavis and Missy are giving it another go. YES!-we ain’t backing down for no DAMN FOOD again! Our motto?

*Man shall not live by food (bread, rice, pizza, kfc, spaghetti, etc.) alone.*

I’ve had this book for years, but never utilized it. It’s filled with yummy juice/smoothie recipes. – This and the beautiful +Mz Yems  Blog will be my go-to inspirations. If you ain’t familiar with her blog, please do check it out/follow. We just met, but she’s very friendly/supportive. 

I had some few fruits at home, so I did the ‘Papaya Blast’ smoothie for today. As breakfast, I drank green tea and small of that smoothie. The mind is playing food tricks on me, but NA LIE!!


Ingredients: Pineapple, 2 Celery sticks, 2 mint leaves & papaya.

Juice pineapple, celery (replaced with apple) and mint leaves (replaced with pear). Put juice into a blender with the papaya and process until smooth. Dilute with water to taste and Enjoy!

So yea…if you’re trying to stay healthy, but food always get the best of you, its not worth it! Together lets stop procrastinating and take care of our health.

Much love and have a blessed week.


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