This is the face of a woman who has finally completed five days of no carbs diet. Initially the plan was to do all juice/smoothie cleanse, but because I trained four out of the five days, my trainer suggested I eat something. It was probably a good idea, because within day 3 my head was spinning (massive headache!) and my legs were giving up on me.

Plan sort of changed, but I’m proud of myself for not touching bread, rice, spaghetti, potatoes, etc.

So how was the experience like? 

  1. Well at some point I felt like I was pregnant all over again, because I was weeing like a tap. – Gosh I felt like something was sitting on my damn bladder all the time. Lol!! 
  2. I feel so much lighter and lost some weight. Please don’t ask how much, because I don’t do scales. They depress me!
  3. The biggest yes is my tummy guys. If you’re a woman with enough body and after having a baby you don’t train, eat healthy, use a corset or do whatever, – your tummy will find a resting place on your vagina (excuse my French!). I was there and I’m happy to say that, I’m no more there. All thanks to a healthy diet! 🙂

Below are some of the things I consumed;

If you’re a person struggling to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle, I hope this inspires/motivates you. This is only the beginning for me. I’m gonna make this a habit, because I’m happy with the results. I used to think I couldn’t live without bread, rice and spaghetti which is my favorite food, but it’s a big O Lie!! Its the mindset.

I’m done! Love you for following/visiting and commenting. Please do share this post anywhere you wanna, because someone out there might be needing some push.



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