Dear Father, 

We’re  sinners and we continue to sin against you. As human beings, sometimes it is difficult to control ourselves. – Even when we know that there’s fire in front of us, we jump in. We’re vulnerable. 

Jehovah, because You knew all of this, that is why you sent your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to come and die for us. While it is not an excuse for us to live in sin, we hope/pray that You have patient and mercy on us. Help us on the right direction. Strengthen us to do what Your word says. Do not give up on us, – because if You do, there’s no point of us living.

We’re forever grateful for Your love and kindness that surpasses anything in this world. 

Thank You for answering our prayers in Jesus Name!


Happy Easter Beauties.

Have a blessed week 🙂

Much Love!


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