Been gone for a minute, but I’m back! Lol! Ok not really, but I haven’t done an outfit post for quite awhile and thought, “why not share this ‘not-so-quality’ pics a friend took of me on Easter Sunday.”

It’s a pain letting friends take my pics sometimes. The questions they ask are unbearable. Lol!! It’s about time I find me a bare photographer who isn’t afraid of my Nikon D3200.

OUTFIT: Blazer (old, Primark), Jacquard Top/Skirt (Xmas gift to myself, Isme), Pumps (old, Dune).

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been living in smelly sweat pants, tee shirts and nighties. I’m trying to shed a couple of pounds for  summer, so been hitting the gym hard and eating well. If we follow each other on IG, you probably have noticed my crazy updates. No six packs yet, but the tummy looks better than before. Lol!!

Another change is my hair. – Out with the protective style and in with my natural hair. I tried my hands on a bun from a YouTube tutorial and well, didn’t go so well. Who cares anyways!!!

Errhhh…so yea enough ranting from me. What’s good at your end?

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