Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

*Steve Jobs”

Mr Jobs sure did live his life! The man (may his soul r.i.p) did what he had to do on his stay here on earth and left as a legend. Whether he made it to heaven or hell, the man did live and enjoyed his work.

What about us? Are we living our lives? Do we enjoy what we do?

*Leave your honest answer in the comment box below, please.*

We don’t owe our lives and we’re here on this earth as visitors -so stop comparing!!

  • OMG did you see him or her driving that car? Where the hell, i mean what the hell happened? We went to the same school – how come? Oh God whyyyy…? I should be driving that!  – NO you shouldn’t! First of all do you know how he or she made her money to get that damn car? What if they said, they acquired their money through selling of human organs (illegally) or through voodoo rituals??? My point exactly!! Slow progress is better than no progress.
  • Look at the skinny gal – gosh everything fit her so well. All the boys like her and no one is paying attention to me. I’m so damn fat and nothing fit. Depress mood activated!!  – Ok gal you need to sit down!! Firstly, we’re all created differently – just like some are skinny and some are fat as you put it, so does some men love skinny gals and some like dem thick alright!! Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with being fat (unless its affecting your health). If you ain’t happy with yourself, mami do some changes. But lemme tell you, sometimes one can be skinny and still be depressed. So it all comes down to accepting you for you and loving yourself.
  • Sighs!! Hmmm…all my friends are married and living happily. Look at me – I’m soso years of age and still single. Baba God why? Am I not beautiful or handsome enough? What have they got that I ain’t got? – My question to you is, who told you they’re happy? Are you sure you’re ready to live with someone for the rest of your life or you just want that round metal on your finger to hover it around people’s faces? To be ready means mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and whatnots. Do i need to remind you, its till death do us part? Pray!
  • This job is killing me. I’m being used – I’m not happy with what i’m doing – The pay is fucked up – That dude just came and has been promoted – blah blah blah!! – Something that is killing you ain’t good. Whatever about it that is killing you gotta change darling. Look we make bad decisions sometimes, so if you don’t trust your instincts, pray about it first.

I could go on and go, but I know you get the drift. God may You help us to number every area of our lives and our days right.


Outfit: Beanie (Primark), Sweater (old), Skirt (George),  & Necklace/shoes (old, forgotten, lol!).

The ootd is an outfit I wore to a funeral. – Basic, casual, black and red. Sweater last seen HERE.

Appreciate y’all!

Peace & Love.


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