So I will restore or replace for you the years the locust has eaten . . . 

—Joel 2:25

The way to overcome the results of a series of bad choices is through a series of right choices. The only way to walk out of trouble is to do the opposite of whatever you did to get into trouble—one choice at a time. Maybe the current circumstances of your life are direct results of a series of bad choices you have made. Maybe you have lots of regrets. You may be in debt because of a series of bad choices with money. You may be lonely because of a series of bad choices in relationships or in the way you treat people. You may be physically sick because of a series of unhealthy choices.

You cannot make a series of bad choices that result in significant problems and then make one good choice and expect the results of all those bad choices to go away. You did not get into deep trouble through one bad choice; you got into trouble through a series of bad choices. If you really want your life to change for the better, you will need to make one good choice after another, over a period of time, just as consistently as you made the negative choices that produced negative results.

No matter what kind of difficulty you find yourself in, you can still have a blessed life. You may have suffered some losses; perhaps you lost some things you will never get back. You cannot do anything about what is behind you, but you can do a great deal what about lies ahead of you. I believe if you are really faithful to God, He will even give you better things that you would have had previously. You are never hopeless with God! With God, “plan B” can be even better than “plan A” would have been, had you not made bad choices and messed up plan A. God is a redeemer; He causes bad things to work for your good; and He will always give you another chance.

Love Yourself Today: Thank You, Lord, for giving me second chances again and again!

*Joyce Meyer*

Hope you’re inspired. Read this and thought it was such a good piece not to share. Have a blessed week. 🙂

Much Love!


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