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Hello Beauties! 

Hope everyone is fine and had a good weekend – mine wasn’t bad. 

So I was nominated three times for a Liebster Award (I’m i lucky or what!! Hehe…) by some blogging sisters – DolceLori and Suprina.

Ladies i really appreciate the nominations – For y’all to think of me, is very kind of y’all. God bless!! Below are the answers to your lovely questions. Also, i’ll pass on the rules regarding this Award as this is actually my fourth nomination all together. Pardon me for this – don’t be mad at me pls!! 🙂  My first nomination was Here


  1. What is your favorite go-to clothing hue?  = Black
  2. Do you prefer flats or heels?  = Flats
  3. What is your favorite fragrance?  = I don’t do fragrance
  4. How would you classify your personal style? = Simple 
  5. Do you prefer classic pieces or bold pieces?  = Classic pieces
  6. Statement jewelry, statement heels or statement clothing?  = Do i really have to choose? lol!! Erhhh……(thinking! lol!!)
  7. Do you prefer (jeans/pants) or (skirts/dresses)? = Skirts/Dresses
  8. Do you ever go thrift/vintage shopping?  = Never done both before.
  9. What/who inspired you to create a blog?  =  Other blogs/Education
  10. Sum up how you would describe”Fashion” in 5 words or less?  = Individuality, fun, comfort and low budget.


  1. Why and when did you start blogging?  = Its a combination of boredom/inspiration/education and started a year ago.
  2. How would you describe your style?  = Simple
  3. What makes you happy?  A lot of things – exp. music, my son, blogging, etc. etc.
  4. Who is your most important person in life?  = My son
  5. If you could choose whom you like to marry someday, who will it be?  = Jesus, because He can be trusted wholesomely.
  6. Describe yourself in just one or three words. = Simple, fun and friendly.
  7. What’s your dream?  = Just do the right thing and be happy in life.
  8. What makes you scared?  End time
  9. What’s your favorite food?  = Spaghetti!! 
  10. Who’s your favorite blogger?   = Sorry, got too many 🙂
  11. What are your thoughts for the future?  = Just hoping for the best.


  1. What is your favorite dish?  = Spaghetti!
  2. The best place on earth you think?  = I don’t know, cos i haven’t been to a lot of places on this earth.
  3. What is your favorite skin care product?  = Dove lotion.
  4. Which are the top 3 blogs you love?  = I love em all, sorry!
  5. Your latest favorite song?  = Bisa Kdei – Baba (A Ghanaian Artist).
  6. Do you have pets?  = No
  7. Which is your favorite clothing brand?  = I got a lot of them; Asos, Boohoo, George, F&F, etc. etc.
  8. If you were someone else for a day then who you would like to be and why?  = Anyone with money, so i can shop for a day. lol!!
  9. Name your all-time favorite movie?  = Pretty Woman
  10. Your dream job?  = Radio Broadcaster or Camerawoman
  11. What events or activities scare you?  = Skydiving and Bungee jumping.

Thanks to the fabulous sisters who nominated me and to all the fantabolous friends to this minimalistic blog.

Peace & Love.


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