Can we have a moment of silence for this great man right here please….

Sometimes we encounter small difficulties or hardship and BAM!, we give up! This man right here is a true definition of a hero, a fighter and an inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen if you don’t know this man here, then let me have the honor of introducing him to you. This is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. He served 27-years in prison – upon all the ups and downs, he fought his way through to become the first black president of the Republic of South Africa. Read all about him Here.

Its rather unfortunate, but Nelson Mandela has kicked the bucket. The Noble Peace Price awarded man’s life is a testimony that no position is permanent. With zeal, determination, faith and dignity, we can make a difference too. 

We thank God for his life. May his soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

Nelson Mandela, “Your legacy will live on forever!”

R.I.P (1918 – 2013).


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