Feels like I haven’t done an outfit post forever right? Forgive my boring self – I’m just a busy single mum who works from 8am to 5pm and properly look my radiant self when I’m off….Lol!! 

Sure hope everyone is fine and had a good weekend. 🙂

On Saturday I wore this to visit a friend and I felt like a fake rockstar for a minute in that plaid jacket. Y’all already know I’m a sucker for this tartan pattern trend. You can read about it Here. I scooped this at Primark which has become one of my go-to stores. The jacket was initially £25, which ofcos I thought was expensive (yea I’m cheap like that, lol!) – so imagine the excitement when i got to the Till and the lady said £15!! Bingo! 

Anywhos the weather was super friendly over the weekend, hence the loose casualness of my outfit. The rest of the ensemble are regulars on this blog, so no need going on about them. Its all about finding new ways to rock em.

Shoe..seen Here, White Pullover..seen Here and Leggings..seen Here.

Outfits: Plaids Jacket (Primark, similar Here Ebay), Pullover (old, similar Here Matalan), Leggings (Primark, similar Here Newlook) and Shoes (Primark, love this Here Target and This Target).

Rocked any plaids of-late? Holla at me with your link in the comment box and I’ll check you out. 🙂

Till then, y’all have a blessed week.

Peace & Love!


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