Sure hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. 

Y’all know festive seasons call for festive events.

One of these days, a Ghanaian Club (Executive Men) in my hood threw an “African” theme party which was very fun (will upload some pics later pls). The dress code was strictly traditional African attire, but honestly I wasn’t about to wear an ill-fitted traditional dress to an event to be ridiculed, lol!! It is a shame, but I owe only seven traditional clothes and all of them were too tight. Someone wouldn’t mind, but not me – I like to be comfortable.

After 40mins of trying different clothes, I opted for this Wallis dress I purchased some months ago. It’s comfortable, stylish and very modest. Ofcos people asked why that dress instead of the themed dress-code, but being the cheeky girl I am, I asked, “What’s not traditional and African about my outfit?”  Smh!

To finish off the look, I went for the ‘sort-of’ traditional looking beaded earrings and necklace. Anytime you see me wearing those heels, it means I want to give my feets a break from pain, lol!! – Hands down the most comfy heels in my shoe collections.

So yea that’s it for me! Have you attended any party or get-together at all? Holla at your gal! 🙂

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Appreciate y’all.


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