Hello Guyz!

Hope everyone is fine and kicking. 🙂 Yes I know I’ve been absent for quite awhile, – life sort of took over. Y’all know how it is. lol!! The holiday seasons has put work at its highest peak and I’m using that as an opportunity to do more over-time. A lil extra cash doesn’t hurt…lol!!

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right!?

For the meantime though, I had the opportunity of attending a gospel program at one of the local church in my hood and it was a mega celebration. As you can see from the first pic, it was all about celebrating Jesus. If you’re alive and breathing then you know you’ve got every reason to celebrate Jesus.

Generally the event was a success, – from the music down to the fashion…everything was good! I loved how colourful the church hosting choir were and the different prints everyone was wearing. The men also came looking sharp and presentable.

Enjoy some few pics I took…Thank You!

*The Dynamics doing their dance routine act…*

*Ghanaian gospel Artist, Isaac Frempong and Minister Edmond*

*Joyce & Jacky are defo celebrating Jesus.*

*It was fire on the dancefloor..*

*Min. Edmond, Instrumentalist Ike, Gospel Artist Isaac Frempong and Dicken Fredy.*

*Pianist Joe with Isaac*

*Nana and Bernard*

*Love the ladies print…beautiful!*

*Nana & Alfred looking all colourful.*

Till next time, praise the Lord with this good song;


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