I’m always the one to motivate people, but believe it or not I got my own insecurities. – in as much as one tries to think straight, sometimes that evil thought creeps in your mind to discourage you of a lot of things. – And these can be from your circumstances to your body image.

Truth be told this happens to everybody! As physical beings who live in this carnal world, it’s inevitable. What I’ve found to be helpful is that, whenever you ‘feel down’ about something…do the opposite of that feeling or thought. 

Does it make sense?

For example; When the mentality of “I’m too fat, my this/that is too big, so I can’t wear this/that” sinks in,..check out fabulous curvy bloggers or celebrities who be werking it like no other’s business.

When the negative feeling of your circumstance can’t change sinks in, read the bible or history about noble people like Mandela, Abraham, etc. 

It helps immensely! 

Outfit: Necklace/Blouse: Primark, Leggings (abt 2yrs old & first time wearing it..can’t remember where I got it. Reduce one HERE) and Heels (old).

This ‘all-black’ ensemble look is what I wore on Saturday for my friend’s house bday party. Even though it’s minimalistic, ‘all-black errthang’ is one of those looks that I think its classic. – there’s something empowering yet so dark about it. And of course there had to be some pop, lol! – necklace did just that. I love the two toned leggings (partly leather & party cotton). It has enough stretch for ultra comfy that compliments your assets (wink!). 

What’s good at your end?

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