Thank God..-Missy can finally step out and take care of businesses…lol! 

Hi Guyz…how you doing?

The Bff was in town for few days, so we hit the cinema to check out the new Ben Affleck/Justin Timberlake flick…-I believe the title is Runner Runner. Its a good movie -would love to brief a little bit about it, but I’m terrible at reviewing movies, sorry! Don’t wanna jinx it for you too.

For my outfit, I went ‘cool casual’. Its pretty much relatable. Leggings is one thing I believe will never go outta fashion. It has been around for along time, because of its comfortability and I love it. The oversize t-shirt is a goody I snatched recently from H&M sales…-the big YO on the tee drew me in. What can I say! The gal has got some hood in her…lol!!

With the squad; Chester, Moi, Isaac (bff) and Naasei

What do you think of this necklace? Normally I stay away from anything punkish, but I just couldn’t resist this. Its got this lady-like feel to it though. 🙂

Outfit: T-Shirt (H&M) and Leggings/Necklace/Shoe (Primark)

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Have a blessed week!


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