God has done it again guyz! You and I have been blessed with another week to make things right, to love, to forgive, to restart….and above all, To reach for the sky!

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was ok – thanks for asking 🙂
For ‘Motivational Monday’, I thought I pass through with this….

I encourage you to think of one bad habit that you’d like to start working on. Maybe if you ask God, He’ll give you a miracle, or maybe He’ll ask you to work on it for a while. But He will help you through it. Then start visualizing your victory. Think about who you want to be and what your life will be like when you’re free.

 use Deuteronomy 28 as an incentive. What it basically says is, if you obey God, He will bless you, and if you disobey God, He’ll curse you. Now that’s an incentive, wouldn’t you agree?

I like working with God, trying to conquer things and not let the enemy rule me. In fact, I think the most exciting journey in life is simply saying, “God, I want to change. I want to please You.”

When you think this way, you can get free from one thing and go on to another thing. Pretty soon, you’ll start to realize that you have some real authority in Christ.

Decide to live your life with the thrill of growing and changing, so you won’t miss out on the good things God can do through you.

*Joyce Meyer*

Do me a favor, will ya! Look in the mirror and say, “He that lives in me is greater than he that is in the world.”

Peace & Love!
Have a blessed week!


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