I’m not the one to wear clothes once and get rid of them..Nope thank you!! Personally I see no point in it. I’ll rather leave that to the celebrities and rich people, lol!

Anywhos..just realized how much I’ve rocked this skirt the past couple of months. This is one of those piece that can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion. When shopping for clothes, I visualize the many things that can be done with it before purchasing em. Don’t know about you, but I believe its important we get the best out of our money (whether cheap or expensive!).

What do you think?

1st Look was for church (HERE)

2nd Look was for a b’day party (HERE)

3rd Look was for my Graduation Nite Out (HERE)

4th Look, lunch with the fam (HERE)

So which is your favorite Look?


Have you worn an item more than once? Hit me down-low with your link and will check you out. 🙂

God bless you for your visit. Have a blessed weekend! 

Much Love!


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