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Thank God for yet another day and week. I hope everyone is fine and kicking. How was your weekend? Mine was great!..-I spent Saturday indoors, but Sunday at church and had dinner with the family. 

So for ‘Motivation Monday’, I thought I share with y’all another word from the lovely Mrs Meyer. In my mind, she’s one of the most practical preachers out there. With that said, I’ll leave you to have a read through, Be Inspired!

by Joyce Meyer 

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. 

—Proverbs 17:22

One of the amazing things I have noticed from teaching and ministering is that God loves to make people laugh. I don’t plan to be funny when I speak, but the Holy Spirit speaks through me—and I’m amazed at how He adds funny little thoughts or illustrations. He clearly knows the value of humor and the healing effect it brings.

God wants us to laugh, and He wants us to make other people laugh. That does not mean we should all become jesters or laugh at inappropriate times, but we can certainly aid one another in taking a more lighthearted approach to life. We would all be much better off if we would learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes instead of taking ourselves so seriously.

The last three times I have worn white pants, I have spilled coffee on myself. I can either think I am a klutz who cannot hold on to anything and begin to devalue myself, or I can make a joke out of it and try harder to stay clean the next time. For years, I have listened to people downgrade themselves verbally for every mistake they make, and I believe that grieves God. If we know our value in Christ we should never say things about ourselves that devalue what God has created.

Why not make a habit of helping people see that we all make silly mistakes and we can choose to laugh rather than get upset? Give people permission to not be perfect! I love to be with people who do not pressure me to be perfect. God loves us unconditionally, and that means He accepts us the way we are and then helps us to be all we can be. Helping people laugh at themselves is a way of saying, “I accept you, faults and all.”

Remember to take every opportunity to laugh—especially at yourself—because it will improve your health and you will enjoy your life much more.

Trust in Him: Do you accept yourself, faults and all? God does! If you trust Him to love you just the way you are (He is the One Who created you!), then you can lighten up, accept that you aren’t perfect, and be an example to others who need more laughter in their lives.

Have a blessed week!



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