I can’t believe we’re already in September! Time is defo running like a tap of water, lol! The message I’m getting from this is, we should stop procrastinating and get done what needs to be DONE! Happy Monday and pray you’re fine. 🙂

Sooo, how was your weekend? Mine was fantastico! lol! I had a fun time with fun people…-no stress no wahala (Nigerian slang for problem or trouble). A friend of mine celebrated his b’day and after, we hit the club. I used to be a club person until my baby came to this world, hehe! Is amazing how having a child can change your entire life around ryt.? Personally speaking, I know its a blessing, but honestly its a pain too (especially if you’re a single mum like myself). Anywhos…making the most of it! Thanks be to God though, cos nothing is possible without HIM!

How did being a parent change your life?

Unto my outfit! First of all, I want to say, “I’m proud of myself for wearing this and thanks to all the Bloggers around the globe for the inspirations!” Personally speaking, blogging is a hobby, but I get inspired so much from people’s outfits, write-ups and accepting who you’re as a person. I would be lying if I say being a curvy woman sometimes doesn’t sink in. I’m the gal who buys some clothes, come home and is scared/frustrated/embarrassed to wear them out. Because my mind always find bloody reasons with my body or what loud-mouth people will say. But noww! screw that!..-there’s gonna be some tube tops, jeans and whatnots up in this biatch! (excuse my french pls.) 

Missy says: well well someone suddenly grew some kahunas eih! Congrats Mavis! lol!

Mavis says: yeah yeah, but it doesn’t break my simple self code though! 😉

Oops! I still haven’t talked about my ensemble…hahaha!! Forgive me y’all for blabbin on. Sometimes we’ve to be honest and get things outta our chest right!?…Right!! Ok so the look is pretty much self-explanatory. I went double stripe on this one. Breaking the rules of curvy gals don’t wear certain stripes. Works for me, Basta! Love the necklace, gorg.

Outfits: Tube top/Blazer (Primark, get their things at Asos), Skirt (Asda, similar HERE), Wedge (soldout, love THIS) and Necklace (get it HERE).

Have a blessed week and show em you got it! 😉

Much Love!


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